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About Us

Cajun Woodstock was organized in 2003, from a vision one night at band practice with J.C. Carriere & Hotstep.  Wanting to create an event for the community and at the same time, an event that would “give back”, the band came up with “Cajun Woodstock for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Each and every member of their families felt blessed enough for their healthy children and grandchildren, that they wanted to help raise awareness and money to give to those who were not healthy and fighting this childhood disease. 

While our first year, a one day benefit, raised $7500, it has become a 2 day festival with 8 bands, food vendors and   auctions.  It is held in April every year at Church Point City Park.  As of our 2022 festival, our 18th year, we raised $50,000, which brings our total sent St. Jude to almost $700,000!  We could not do it without the help of our sponsors, community and our great volunteers!

In addition, we annually visit the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, TN at the end of every year.  We collect and bring donated non perishable food items to fill their pantry, toys/goodies for the children and games for them to play.  We provide over 52 families a home cooked meal of Gumbo in hopes of bringing a little ”Louisiana Tradition” while they enjoy our festivities and forget even for a moment, their own heartaches.  We also collect through the year, can tabs to bring to the house which helps pay the electric bill for the house.

We love St. Jude Children’s Hospital and look forward to this heart-warming event every year.

Please join us and help give the children of St. Jude a fighting chance at life they deserve.

Let's change the "STATISTICS" into "LIFE"